Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fast Grow ethnic hair growth enhancer

Product Features

  • Ideal for relaxed, damaged, or color treated hair
  • Specially formulated hair vitamins for ethnic hair types
  • Contains essential oils for moisturizing dry hair types
  • Essential black hair care product

Thursday, July 7, 2011

side shaved hair styles

Perhaps the easiest shaved hair style for a female to pull off is the partial side shaved hair styles where you only shave a portion of your hair on one side. These shaved hair styles give you a edgy look while still looking professional.

half shaved hair styles

The half shaved hair styles are becoming increasingly popular as of late for the trendy ladies. This shaved hair style is where you shave one half of your hair almost entirely off if not entirely.

Women Mohawk Hair Styles

Women mohawk hair styles definitively take some bravery to go through with, but if you have the right attitude about it they can be great and give you that punk vibe. Below are examples of women mohawk hair styles, the first picture is a women mohawk hair style where the sides are shaved really short.

Women Shaved Bald

Women shaved bald can look great contrary to belief! Just look at these pictures of Natalie Portman and Amber Rose shaved bald.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome to Shaved Hair Styles

You don't have to have long flowing locks to look great, both women and men are now more than ever trying out shaved hair styles and they are loving the change! Take a look at some of our different types of shaved hair styles we talk about, and maybe you will find the right shaved hair style for you to rock!